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  • Mostly silent killer-Without any significant symptoms so the need for basic checkup for every patient above 40 years
  • Pain in and around eyes.
  • Gradual decrease in side vision.
  • Coloured halowes/ring seen around bulb
Early Detection
  • Tonometery-for measurement of pressure. (Must be less than 20 or better around 15).
  • Fundus examination –for evaluation of optic disc and its cupping.
  • Automated Perimeter- For diagnosing any early loss of any island of vision which otherwise can not be told even by patient himself/herself.
  • Gonioscopy- For seeing angle of eye for differentiating between open and close angle glaucoma.
  • Optical coherence tomography-It images and measure RMFL and the optic nerve head and help in the detection of glaucoma.

  • Medication-Regular anti glaucoma eye drops (1 or 2 types in combination) is effective in mild to moderate pressure control. Periodic eye exam in combination and perimetery is essential to ensure that the medication is working.
  • Laser-In some angle closure glaucoma especial pupillary block, laser iridotomy or trabeculoplasty can be done to partially or fully control the pressure. (In combination with medicines.)
  • Surgeury-It is the last stage to control the glaucoma if:
    • Either the medication or laser treatment is insufficient for controlling pressure.
    • Patient is non compliant and unreliable.
    • Even after operative treatment, patients should continue periodic checkups to ensure adequate control of eye pressure.

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