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What is glaucoma?
Glaucoma is one of the vast common causes of blindness. It affects about 2% of the general Population.

In Glaucoma the pressure of fluid within the eye gradually increases to a level that is not tolerated by the sensitive tissues of the eye. As a result the optic nerve which carries the vision sensation to the brain is damaged. The person affected does not usually notice the progressive damage caused by glaucoma until at late stage when the damage becomes irrepairable resulting in permanent loss of vision and complete blindness. So Glaucoma acts like a silent killer of eye and that makes it early diagnosis a major challenge and necessity.

Risk Factors
  • It can occur in any age group even newborn and commonly above 40 years.
  • Family history of glaucoma.
  • Myopia, Hypermetropia,
  • B.P.
  • Diabetes
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